Express, full-service and tunnel car washes use plastic nylon bristles, mitter clothes and harsh chemicals that can scratch or damage your car's paint.  Be aware that dirt, grease and sand from previous customers can be transferred to your vehicle, as wash materials are NOT cleaned between vehicles.  Your car is ONLY as clean as the car ahead of you!


At Citrus Heights Car Wash, you can safely and gently wash your vehicle using our high-pressure spray wand and natural hog's hair bristle soap brush.  We use only the BEST, high-quality wash chemicals!  Then, dry your vehicle, using our NEW hand-held air dryer.  It's FAST, FUN & EFFICIENT!


We provide a clean, inviting place for you to wash your vehicle.  We perform regular maintenance on our pumps, wash equipment and vacuums to ensure everything works properly for you.  And, we're OPEN 24 HOURS!  

We care about conserving water and the environment!


  • SAVES WATER!  We use high-pressure, stainless steel spray tips that use less than 3 GPM (gallons of water per minute). Studies show that washing your car at home, using a common 5/8" garden hose, running at a typical household pressure of 50 psi (pressure per square inch) uses 15 GPM (gallons of water per minute).  Source: International Carwash Association
  • BETTER FOR THE ENVIRONMENT!  Every time you wash your car, it produces polluted run-off, that contains toxic antifreeze, asbestos, diesel, gasoline, grease, lead, motor oil and transmission fluid.  Fortunately, we capture these in our waste tanks, that are filtered and pumped out regularly and disposed of safely.  We also use commercial wash chemicals that are biodegradable and safer for the environment.
  • QUALITY WASH!  Our high-pressure wands and pump equipment converts low-volume water into high-pressure cleaning power that conserves water, while providing a high-quality wash!
  • WE CARE!  We're doing our part to save water and protect the environment!  

When you wash your vehicle in your driveway or use a 'parking lot' charity car wash, you're wasting water and polluting!

  • Water run-off that flows down the driveway into the gutters is NOT treated and flows DIRECTLY to the creeks, rivers and lakes! The polluted water contains phosphates (from store-bought soaps), toxic asbestos, diesel, gasoline, lead, motor oil and transmission fluid.  This run-off pollutes our drinking water, destroys the environment, and violates the Clean Water Act and NPDES (National Pollution  Discharge Elimination System)
  • Sacramento's environmental groups have begun campaigns to encourage consumers to use professional car washes, instead of washing in their driveways, and moving charity carwashes from parking lots to professional car washes. 

7742 Auburn Blvd.
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Located on the NE corner of
Auburn Blvd. & Antelope Rd.  
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