US 40 / Lincoln Highway

The Lincoln Highway was created in 1913 to celebrate the automobile and encourage leisurely driving. 


Back in 1912, most of the roads were made of dirt and difficult to drive on. They were dry and rocky in the dry season, that turned to thick mud during the rainy season.  Carl Fisher was the initial visionary who wanted to create a transcontinental highway, that ran coast-to-coast. 

The concept was originally funded by Frank Seiberling, president of Goodyear Tire, and Henry Joy, president of Packard Motor Car Company. To give it more "patriotic appeal" they decided to name it after President Abraham Lincoln. 


The highway was formally dedicated on October 31, 1913.  Originally, it ran through 13 states: California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, Colorado, Nebraska, Iowa, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, into New York.  Over the years, as roads improved, some highway alignnments were necessary. 

As the automobile grew in popularity in the 1950's, so did the idea for a national, interstate highway.  President Eisenhower saw the highway system as a way to connect the country, help it grow and move troops in case of war.  In 1956, the National Interstate and Defense Highway Act was passed that funded the building of the massive interstate highway system we know today. 


Eventually, Highway 40 extended 3,228 miles from San Francisco, CA to Atlantic City, NJ.  Although the California segment of this highway was decommissioned in 1964, historic Highway 40 signs still mark the path of this road along Auburn Blvd.


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