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Our customers tell us "we're the BEST self-service car wash in Sacramento!"  Read for yourself why our customers LOVE our car wash...


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"I just LOVE Citrus Heights Car Wash!  I've been waiting a very long time to get my dream car... a 2015 V8 - Hemi Dodge Challenger in bright red!  And FINALLY for my 50th birthday - I rewarded myself!  Us women do so much for others that we, too often, forget to 'do' for ourselves.  Driving my "prize possession" brings me so much joy and I want to keep it looking nice. The owners of Citrus Heights Car Wash really CARE about their customers and the environment.  I was amazed to learn how LITTLE water they actually use in a month - I know I'm doing my part to conserve when I come here to wash my car. Did you know that they not only filter the water before it goes into the sewer, but that the company that cleans their separator pits recycles the sand and dirt for road base?  Conserving  water, helping the environment, great customer service (their cell # is posted on the cash machine)." - Shari, Roseville CA


"The Citrus Heights Car Wash is clean, well-lit and easy to use.  It was a breeze to get the tokens and figure out how the spray wand and foam brush selector works.  I started visiting this carwash because of the drought restrictions of no driveway washing.  Well, this carwash does a better and faster job than I can do at home!  It's just easier to get a clean car here!"  - Kevin K., Granite Bay CA.  To read more about Kevin's experience at our "Karma Wash", read his entertaining blog.


"This carwash hands down is the best I've found.  They utilize a high-pressure and low-volume approach that saves water and gets the grime off without feeling like you're holding a fire hose.  The facilities are clean and there is now talk about putting in high-power drying fans." - Justin M., Natomas (Sacramento CA)


"I've lived in the Citrus Heights area for 37 years and have been going to the Citrus Heights Car Wash since it opened, and never felt a need to go elsewhere.  I remember noticing increased cleanliness and curb appeal some years ago. I now know it was due to new ownership. Always clean, all machines always working and now the change machine takes credit cards. I was delighted to meet the owner, Kimberly, and see the pride she takes in the business and providing outstanding service. I'll no longer take excellence for granted - it's the commitment of someone who cares. I urge everyone to patronize the Citrus Heights Car Wash!" - Margaret N., Citrus Heights CA


"I have been washing my vehicles at the Citrus Heights Carwash for 8 years.  All of the recent changes made to the carwash are awesome!!  My favorite change is the ability to use my debit card (at no charge) and the tokens that took the place of quarters.  My kids can’t use my tokens at the store!" - Pauline K., Citrus Heights CA


"I have to say this is the nicest carwash in town!  I drive 6 miles to come to this one because of the way it is modern and new equipment, with no vandalism or graffiti.  I do make this trip to wash my car.  If you want a great carwash you must come try this carwash!!!" - Johl K., Antelope CA


"Wow!  What can I say about the Citrus Heights Carwash!  It is conveniently located on the north-east corner of Auburn Blvd & Antelope Road.  It is maintained by the owner, the change machines work, always plenty of soap, towels, etc., and the owner has just changed the coin machines to tokens, which makes it easier for the customers to use.  If you have extra coins left over, you can save them for next time you come.  It think it's a great carwash and I will continue to use it." - David D., Citrus Heights CA

"This is MY car wash!  I go only to this one and I do not even live in the area.  Always clean.  A true pleasure to go to this carwash." - Miss Nickles, Arden Arcade (Sacramento CA)


"I always go to the Citrus Heights Car Wash even though there are others closer to where I live.  The car wash is very clean and very well maintained.  All of the equipment works and the coin changer has never failed me.  One time I went there and the soap mixture was really light.  The owner was there and she commented that it wasn’t very soapy.  She apologized and gave me an unsolicited refund even though my car looked clean to me.  How nice is that?  I would highly recommend the Citrus Height Car Wash to anyone who wants to wash your car in a clean place with friendly people." - Deborah C.,  Fair Oaks CA


"I was honored to meet the owner of the carwash.  I love your positive and happy attitude, Kimberly!  I have been using the carwash for over 2 years now, bringing my 2 cars and 2 vans.  Location is Great!!!  Price is great, and always so clean and attended to.  I will still use the carwash, even if it goes to token operated.  At present, I just keep a container in each vehicle with quarters from my loose change.  I'm a creature of habit.  Keep up the GREAT work!  Happy and Satisfied customer!" - Carlos C., McClellan Park CA

"Have been using the C.H. Carwash for some time, and find it convenient and clean.  Understand that the owner may be installing token machines, as well as credit card capability, which will be of great benefit to customers." - Robert C., Citrus Heights CA


"The Citrus Heights Carwash is simply expressed with one word - "perfection".  I know for a fact, not an opinion.  The machines, atmosphere, surroundings, fellow customers, the owner, and last but not least, the landscape has brought me here for over 8 years and counting.  May your business continue to prosper and thank you for keeping your carwash as the #1 best service in Citrus Heights." -  Michelle W., Sacramento CA


"Citrus Heights Carwash is a 5 STAR ***** carwash!  It's a good, comforting feeling when I park in one of the stalls to wash my car that everything is in excellent condition - the change machine, the soap, the signs that explain the cycles before I wash my car.  I've checked other carwash establishments but Citrus Heights Carwash is A+.  Kimberly knows her business and takes great pride in her business!  The credit goes to her wonderful personality (warm, friendly and knowledgeable)." - Rosemary F., Citrus Heights CA


"Phenomenal Customer Service Car Wash!  Easy access in and out.  Wash is always working and soap and wax are always full.  Very clean facility, no trash around area.  I give wash 10 stars!"  -  Pat B., Citrus Heights CA


"There may be more exciting things to write about, but a good experience is always worth it.  Carwashing is one of my leaste favorite chores, so when I do it, I don't want any mishaps or struggles.  At the "Citrus Heights Car Wash", there is none of that.  Once there, while chatting with the owner, I shared with her a type of vacuum nozzle that I had grown accustomed to when I lived in Pennysylvania.  To my surprise, a short time later, there they were.  The nozzles are perfect for in-between the door and seats." -  Charles P., Citrus Heights CA


"My favorite carwash is the "Citrus Heights Carwash", located at the corner of Antelope Road and Auburn Blvd.  It is owned and operated by a friendly lady named Kimberly, who keeps the facility in tip-top condition.  I always get a good carwash there!"  - Chuck D., Sacramento CA


"Today was my first visit and I was amazed how clean everything was.  I am moving out of the area, however, I will certainly visit this carwash again."  - Marilyn M., Antelope CA


"I've been coming to the Citrus Heights Car Wash for at least 4 years.  I've never had any problems with any of the machinery and it's always clean and well-lit." – Susan G., Carmichael CA

7742 Auburn Blvd.
Citrus Heights, CA 95610


Located on the NE corner of
Auburn Blvd. & Antelope Rd.  
(under the GIANT billboard)



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